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Guidelines to Post Event Editorial

Our Event Listings Service ("ELS"), which is jointly published to the HoEMIMCo and Capital Arts Festival® websites, offers free promotions and publicity throughout the year for professional and semi-professional events (arts, heritage, culture and related community-based events), and is open to the participation of corporate, small business, non-profit and charitable organizations from the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver Island, Metro Vancouver, Lower Mainland and Washington State).

See below for details on how to submit your web materials (text and web links) directly to our webmaster.

It's free and easy to do!

  • Email your formatted event listings at least one month prior to event start date.
  • Senders assume all proof reading responsibilities prior to transmission.
  • Information we receive shall be deemed to be complete and accurate. ELS assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions.
Web Materials
    • Event Editorial (max. 500 words)
      • send as a plain text file (.txt) or copied pasted into an email preview pane
      • do not send copy embedded in a graphic file or as a media release
      • include event date(s), time(s), venue(s), ticket cost(s)
      • when and where tickets can be purchased, or indicate if your event is free
      • contact information (include address, contact name, phone number, email and web link)
      • when sending your formatted event listings to our webmaster, please use the following wording in the email subject line:
        "ELS13 Editorial + Your Business Name + Event Title"
        Email Subject Line Example: "ELS13 Editorial_Shoal Point Moka House_Mélange"
Email your formatted event listings directly to:
Laurie Ladmore
Laurie Ladmore Artist Services

Direct all general inquiries for the Event Listing Service to:
Rob Vickery

Template Format

Please use the following template:

Event Name
Event Date(s) and Time(s)
Venue Name

Event Editorial (max. 500 words)


Venue contact information:

Venue Address
Email address
Web address

Your contact information (if different from the venue):

Email Address
Web Address

Sample Event Listing

Theatre Inconnu
The Barber of Seville by Pierre de Beaumarchais
December 9-30, 8pm

1923 Fernwood Road

The popularity of Rossini's opera based upon this play has definitely eclipsed that of the original work. However, this 18th century play's relevancy has continued throughout the centuries; and its comedic characters (including the immortal Figaro) and ridiculous plotline remain hilariously refreshing. Beaumarchais, like Molière, drew inspiration from the colourful Italian Commedia dell'Arte form. This choice invites the option for us to consider future productions of Beaumarchais' two Figaro sequels: The Marriage of Figaro and A Mother's Guilt.

Information and reservations: (250) 360-0234

Email ALL web materials directly to:

Laurie Ladmore
Laurie Ladmore Artist Services

davidlaurieladmore "AT" shaw.ca

Bus: (250) 361-3243
Fax: (250) 383-9068

All Event Listing Service Inquiries to:

Rob Vickery
Heaven-on-Earth Marketing & Image Management Company

1270 Johnson Street, Ste. #205
Victoria, BC, Canada, V8V 3P1

robvickery "AT" shaw.ca

Bus: (250) 383-7914
Cell: (250) 886-1035
Fax: (250) 383-9068

Hours: 9:00AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday.
Closed weekends and statutory holidays.

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To form the correct address, rejoin the two portions and add the "@" symbol in between.

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